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Born 1959 in Basel, Switzerland

Free lance photographer

I find inspirations for my personal projects everywhere in daily life. I specifically love to focus on the "unseen", the "overlooked".


  • 2019 "Finale 2019" (group exhibition)
    School of Design, Basel/Switzerland

  • 2019 "Waiting" (group exhibition)
    BelleVue - Ort für Fotografie, Basel, Switzerland (Flyer + Press)

  • 2020 "Urban Landscapes" (group exhibition)
    Gallery Hotel Der Teufelhof, Basel/Switzerland (Impressions)

  • 2022 "Objekt 6033" (solo exhibition)
    Color Kitchen Art & Tattoo, Basel/Switzerland (Impressions)

  • 2024 "Streets of Basel" (group exhibition of the SPCB)
    kHaus, Basel/Switzerland (Impressions)

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